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Our results indicate that filtered far-UVC light is an effective and cost conscience approach for  reduction of viruses* found on surfaces and in the air.

EPA Establishment number (99663-AR-1)

UVC Lamp in Hotel Lobby
UVC Lamp in Hotel Lobby
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Public locations such as the front door entrances, reception desks, hallways and elevator lobbies, even employee lunchroom/break areas should be considered here. This approach will help kill virus in public spaces.*

What is it?

Light is comprised of different wavelengths, each with their own unique properties. At the appropriate wavelength and fluence (dose), exposure to ultraviolet light modifies or destroys the genetic material (DNA and RNA) in pathogens, preventing spread.

Our results indicate that filtered far-UVC light is a effective and cost-conscience approach for prevention and reduction of bacteria*. Our fixtures can be placed in any occupied public location. We have developed an approach to utilize UV-based antibacterial technology using single-wavelength far-UVC light generated by a filtered krypton chlorine light engine, which selectively inactivates microorganisms.

PrometheanFlame fixtures utilize filtered 222 nm far-UVC light.

This wavelength is lethal to pathogens but cannot penetrate the skin nor the tear layer of the eye like conventional UV (254 nm).

*Kobe University-Ushio Inc. Joint Study Published in Photochemistry & Photobiology on March 29, 2020

Promethean Flame Solutions are...




Our Results
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On airborne biological materials of a micrometer or less on surfaces.  Our approach targets the appropriate wavelength and fluency (dose) exposure to ultraviolet light modifying or destroying genetic material in viruses and bacteria preventing replication. 

*based on exposure time

Harmful Human Emissions

Our approach utilizes UV-based sterilization using single-wavelength far-UVC light generated by a filtered plasma light engine which does not produce biological damage to exposed human cells and tissues.

Potential Cost Savings
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When comparing this technology to other PPE methodologies that are currently in place, we
discovered that the average cost for masks, gloves, hand sanitizer stations, enhanced cleaning solutions and labor can be as much as $170,174.00 per property.

Product comparison

Traditional UV lightCoventional UV Light

Flame Promethean Flame 222 nm Far UV Light

Used to inactivate viruses and bacteria while a space is occupied.

Filtered to ensure only 222 nm light passes through.

Features instant-on to allow 100% light output in less than a second.

Continual 24-7 pulsed wavelength disbursement.

Poses no risk when following ACGIH* guidelines.

*American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists recommends exposure limits.

Contain heavy metals like Mercury which is a known toxin to humans and the environment.

Penetrate exposed tissue causing irreversible damage to skin and eyes.

Generates ozone, a known toxic air pollutant.

Ceiling mounts, floor lamps, wall mounts, and table tops available!

Most Popular Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Yes, the Promethean Flame™ has been specifically designed to selectively deactivate microorganisisms, but does not produce biological damage to exposed human cells and tissues.

Coventional UVC light sources are both carcinogenic and cataractogenic, however, this far-UVC light inactivates bacteria without causing harm to exposed human skin nor outer tear layer surface on the eye.

The Promethean Flame™ light fixture provide safe options that work in tandem with current cleaning protocols. Our fixtures achieve a 99% elimination on surfaces and of airborne biological materials of a micrometer or less. (for perspective: 1 square millimeter contains 1 million micrometers).

This light fixture will help prevent the spread of pathogens and effectively inactivate MRSA, E-Coli, Influenza, SARS, H1N1, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, MERS-CoV, MHV-A59.


Following the onset of this global pandemic, we reaffirmed our commitment to the hospitality industry, and we asked ourselves, what can we do and how can we help. This industry will spend approximately 9 billion dollars on masks, gloves and cleaning solutions in hopes of a safer and more hygienic environment. Skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers have experienced a 1,064% increase in costs for required personal protective equipment since the virus rampaged through the U.S and the World. Having our fixtures throughout corridors and lobby areas means your building will be the safest and cleanest in the area. The Promethean Flame™ line of fixtures hold the potential to offer everyone peace of mind and a level of clean that has never been accomplished before. Let Promethean be the differentiator that leads your safety rubric.

Utilizing a 2-part process which includes existing cleaning protocols along a Promethean Flame™ light fixtures, can achieve a 99.9% removal of germs and viruses making a safer experience for your guests and staff.

The Promethean Flame™ Desk and Sconce fixture planar blub effectively prevent RNA and DNA from replicating in bacteria, viruses and protozoa through the use of Far-UVC 222 nm light. At this wavelength, the light emitted from the bulb affects the protein receptors that breaks the DNA chain deactivating the organism.

The Promethean Flame™ Desk, Sconce and Floor Lamp Fixtures are designed to sit on a table, be mounted to a wall or placed near a sitting area. Our Pendant and Can light fixtures are designed to be placed at the ceiling level to provide broader coverage throughout all public spaces. Programmed intervals cycle on and off over a 24-hour period for the purposes of disabling airborne viruses that pass under the light engine and will effectively deactivate bacteria and viruses on nearby surfaces.

Promethean Hospitality has been serving the hospitality industry for 15 years. We are committed to the providing the most comprehensive FF&E Services to our clients. We offer warehousing, logistics, project management and installation. We bring a hotel to life. For more information, you can visit our website.

Latest Research

Guests want contactless Travel Experience

Research from Travelport shows most travelers would be more comfortable staying at hotels with tech to cut down human interaction.

people will take more safety precautions while outside the home
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say they want businesses to use "the latest tech" to ensure safety.
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Source: Booking.com 2020 Future of Travel survey


In Seconds

Removes 99.9% of microbes and viruses

Ceiling mounted fixtures near high traffic areas, including lobby, restaurants, bar/lounge, front entrances, and exercise rooms, the air passed under this lamp will inactivate those pathogens and viruses. The downlight is equipped with a custom programmed timer that is continually pulsed to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency over a 24 hour period.

UV lamp in lobby
UV lamp in common room
UV light in waiting room

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Contact our team to find out how the Promethean Flame™ can help boost guest confidence in the effectiveness of your clean.
UV lamp in lobby
UV light in waiting room
UV lamp in common room

Our products can be used to mitigate pathogens and viruses in many areas such as:

  • Medical Waiting Rooms
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Public Spaces
  • Corridors & Hallways
  • Meeting Areas
  • Senior / Assisted Living Environments
  • Elevator Lobby Areas
  • Fitness / Workout Areas
  • Employee Lunch Rooms
  • Locker Areas

EPA Establishment number (99663-AR-1)

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